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Get personal attention to your portraits from acclaimed and award winning portrait artist Geraldine Larson. Geraldine can paint any style that you prefer. Whether it's an individual portrait or a group portrait, Geraldine brings a breath of fresh air to all her work.

Geraldine has the ability to capture the beauty in every subject. Her devotion and care in her expression can bring your event to dazzling life on canvas. Geraldine has the ability and skills to turn your memories into valuable piece of art that you will enjoy every day. In addition to her wonderful portraits, Geraldine does beautiful still life's and landscapes that will grace your home or business. Be sure to look at her gallery of original art work, which can be found under Landscapes & Stills, or under Corporate Art.

Getting a portrait done is very easy to accomplish. All you really have to do is provide a photograph of the portrait subject. Whether it is a formal and posed photograph, a snap shot Polaroid, or a digital image, Geraldine will be able to create a wonderful portrait for you. If you do not have a photograph available, Geraldine may help arrange to have one made for you. Keep in mind that some of the best portraits came from spontaneous photographs that we have all taken. They seem to capture the essence of the moment

A painted oil, a pastel, or a pencil portrait has always seemed, in the past, a simple and somewhat staid piece of art--a stiff and posed simulation. But now portraits have become an emulation and celebration of life. Geraldine Larson makes every portrait come alive and will bring every happy memory back home to you today. Only true dedication and a caring empathy can bring these events to life in such a wonderful way. A treasure forever and a celebration of the world that we live in. Let Geraldine turn your memories into happy and joyful art that you will enjoy every day.

Geraldine Larson can be reached at (619) 390-8598 for a consultation.

Geraldine Larson provides you with a choice of three different portrait styles and three different painting styles, all of which are displayed here. They are all different, yet closely related, thus giving the viewer a wonderful selection of style and pricing structure



3 Portrait Styles Available:

1. Pencil or Charcoal Portraits
The Pencil portraits emulate the Masters . (Graphite is a classical medium, used by such great artists as
Da Vinci, Whistler, Corot, and Degas) It is a beautiful and simple medium for a portrait. Several examples of pencil portraits are found in the Pencil Portrait Gallery below.

2. Impressionistic Portraits
Impressionistic Pastel and Oil Portraits, painted in the style of the French Impressionists, are spontaneous and appear to come right off the canvas. They are painted in broad strokes, usually with the face well defined, and the background less defined or in come cases going away completely. You can see this style in the Impressionistic Portrait Gallery below.

3. Traditional Portraits
Traditional portraits are available as well. These portraits. as seen in the prize winner “Sharing the Morning”, are done in a more Classical and finished style. They are painted in Oils or Pastels, and they emulate such Masters as John Singer Sergeant and Edgar Degas. This is a wonderful style for your child's, parent's, or other loved one's Portrait.

How to get started:
The process usually begins by a telephone call and talking over what kind of art you would like. Usually these are some of the basic questions:
What kind of art would you like created?
What is the purpose of the art? Who is it for?
What special considerations need to be made to create the art? Is it a surprise gift? Are there people in the art? How many people? What are their ages? What relationship do the people have to each other?
How large will the art be?  Where will it reside?  Where will this piece of art be 50 years from now?
What is your preferred medium or style of this art?
How much will it cost?
What’s an acceptable time commitment for creating the art?  
What details need to be included in the art? Is there a theme?

The start of the painting begins...
Once the basics listed above, about your art piece, are decided, the process begins...

In a consultation the art size, composition, medium, and other factors are determined.

Then a simple contract is drawn up between you and Geraldine.

In most cases two to three installments including the initial deposit are required for the commission. The final installment will be paid on completion. Charge are usually made by Paypal, a very simple and secure payment process. Geraldine will contact you directly to complete the handling of all details. All portrait pricing is based on a single subject. Multiple subjects may affect the pricing schedule. Geraldine will discuss all details and requirements with you personally.

The portrait is now ready to begin. Geraldine will come up with a preliminary art design. Sometimes the client will prefer to have Geraldine travel to your location for a commission with a sitting. In this case Geraldine may have to stay for a day or several days to allow a on location art design. This usually consists of drawing and photography. Travel and accommodation costs are extra costs to be added to the commission cost.

Because of clients busy schedules, paintings from photographs can be more convenient for your schedule and can easily be arranged. Whether it is a regular posed picture, a snap shot Polaroid picture, or a digital image from a digital camera, Geraldine can and will be able to create a wonderful portrait for you. If you do not have a particular picture that you want to use to create your portrait, let Geraldine know, and she can help make arrangements to get a photo made for you. We have found, however, that the best portraits come from the normal pictures that we have all taken from time to time. For some reason, these pictures usually capture the true essence that we would want to see in a portrait. Also, photographs where there is a hard light source to one side help to make the portrait look and feel 3 dimensional.

If you already have a selection of photographs in mind that you would like to chose from, please send them to Geraldine. Send digital images posted by e-mail or prints posted using traditional mail. Geraldine will then discuss the photograph choices with you to find the one the most appropriate to creating the best portrait of your choice. In some cases Geraldine will want to take her own photographs in order to create the most beautiful portrait.

Pet Portraits
Geraldine specializes in dog portraits, cat portraits and equestrian portraits. Geraldine's pet portraits are created from photographs. Please send us your photographs either by digital images posted by e-mail or copies of prints sent by the US mail. Geraldine will then discuss the photographs with you. In some cases Geraldine will want to take her own photographs in order to create the most beautiful portrait.

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