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About the Artist
About the Artist
"I want to capture the essence of life in every one of my paintings and make each painting a cherished masterpiece. Then I know I will have fulfilled my creative purpose in this life.
  Geraldine Larson

Geraldine studied at Steven Bull School of Fine Arts in Racine Wisconsin. Guided there by her art instructors as a child and referred to as an artist prodigy, she had numerous showings in museums starting at 6 years old.

Geraldine commissioned her first painting at ten years old.  By 17 she had 13 pieces of art shown in the Wustum Museum of Fine Art.

Geraldine is self taught and has perfected her skills with years of workshops, seminars and schooling in Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, Massachusetts (Boston), New Hampshire and California.

Geraldine specializes in portraiture art. She has commissioned portraiture pieces for private well known clients.

Geraldine also creates still life and landscapes and murals on canvas, board and on walls. She is experienced in using a number of different mediums.

Geraldine has private art pieces displayed in businesses and homes in different cities. She has created public art also. One of her bigger projects was creating tile and glass mosaics for the City of Encinitas downtown art walk reconstruction project.

Geraldine has taught portraiture drawing and painting to both beginners and art college graduates alike.

Geraldine is adept at creating perspective drawings, creating hundreds of perspective illustrations for many corporations over the years. She teaches perspective drawing to accomplished artists, improving their fundamental art layouts.

Geraldine teaches that “Before you can paint, you should know how to draw. Before you draw, you should learn how to see. Composition, Perspective, Color and Light are important in creating a beautiful work of art.

Geraldine has won many awards and honors in watercolor, oils, pastels and multimedia. She is a member of the San Diego Watercolor Society and of the San Diego Art Institute

Geraldine has created art for Special Events:

Other accomplishments and interests of the Artist

Geraldine has been a successful Mechanical Design Engineer for 23 years. She has worked for Boeing designing aircraft, Motorola designing communications systems and Harley Davidson designing motorcycles.

Geraldine graduated from San Diego College in Graphic Design and Web Design and owns Cherry Design, a graphic and web design company.

Geraldine is accomplished public speaker, receiving her CTM from Toastmasters International in 2002.

Geraldine practices meditation techniques daily. She learned deep meditation from Prem Rawat. She feels that this meditation keeps her in profound appreciation of life.

Geraldine is a part of the Blue Sky Ranch Community in San Diego. There she practices extensive esoteric work. Geraldine feels this work is most valuable for self mastery of thought, speech and actions - becoming ethically skillful in all areas of life endeavors.

Geraldine received her black belt in Tang Soo Do and has studied many styles of the martial arts over the years. Because the martial arts are a disciplinary skill, Geraldine feels that the martial arts keep her fit, young and respectful. Geraldine practices
Chi Gung and energy work that expand the human consciousness and physical abilities.

Geraldine has done extensive work with John Bradshaw's Inner Child System. She feels that the changes she made under this system were profoundly positive and self enlightening. Geraldine feels this type of work could help any person grow and become more self expansive.

Geraldine has studied Herbology under the late and great Dr John Christopher. She has been trained in many branches of natural healing, natural medicine, massage, body work and more. Geraldine is a first degree Reiki healer

Geraldine is appreciative of all of life. She helps animal groups, promotes animal awareness and has been a vegetarian for most of her life. Geraldine lived in an Ashram (monastery) for 4 years, increasing her awareness of life.

Geraldine dedicates much of her time to her businesses, public speaking, seminars and her spiritual group and practices.

Geraldine would love to hear from you.
Please contact Geraldine here.

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“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work”

  Zola (1840-1902)