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Fine Art for Investment and Pleasure
"Many financial securities companies are seeking and trying new ways to increase the assets of their clients by investing in art. These companies are aware that the certainty of regular stock securities are no longer a viable market. Art investment has the ability to survive any economic downturn. The limited supply of art also adds to market demand." By the editors ARTnews, an indispensable resource for serious collectors.
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Forbes Magazine - Art Investment, quotes:

"Ever increasing wealth, particularly at the top end of society, coming up against the finite supply of art, means that the long term trend for art prices is very definitely upward."
Business Dresdner Bank - Art Investment, in Germany, quotes:

"The return on limited high end investment art appreciates better in a poorer market than medium quality art that tends to only keep up with inflation."
Fine Eternal Art Investment Pieces:
- Highest quality and aesthetics of each piece.
- Art authentication certificate for each piece.
- Perfect state of conservation of art investment pieces.
- History of each piece and provenance where piece was created
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